About me





That’s me :-)

My name is Helga Brunner, that means “Holy Well”, and I live in Austria next to the mountains.
I was born in the year of 1970, on the day of the Rhythmic White Wind.

Already as a child I was gladly in nature and in the forest - and this has remained until today.
After my education I became a nurse, and now that’s my job.

In my sparetime I like to do everything that demands creativity – carving, painting, working around,
and work in my wild garden.

I enjoy to perceive the delicate radiation emitted by the organisms - trees, humans, animals,
and also I am at home in realms that are lighter than the material ones.

And this life with its many possibilities seems very exciting to me!

So let us enjoy everything that comes and is!


Greetings to all people who read that,  and to those who are here with me.